Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Winter Wonderland

Here are our pictures from Christmas.
Bella and Papi trimming our little Christmas tree. It's fun that she is getting to an age that she can somewhat participate in the festivities.

We spent Christmas in Brigham City at Grandma's house. Christmas came in the middle of a week that we all spent sick. Bella got sick first the weekend before (while we were visiting family in Southern Utah) and of course she passed it to me a couple days latter. Deviating from the usual course of things the Blue Prince managed to avoid this round of the Plague. His foreign immune system usually catches whatever is going around the house and gives him a worse version of it. Anyway I was the one sick on Christmas which turned out to be fairly good timing since I had my mom around to take care of me and aunties to keep track of Bella.

This is Bella opening gifts Christmas morning. Santa got her a little red wagon and a stuffed monkey that she loves to pull around giving rides to. She got a little miffed the other day when I wouldn't let her take the wagon in the car to daycare.

A couple family shots

We have been getting a ton of snow for the last couple of weeks. This is the view of my mom's back yard Christmas morning. We decided to take Bella outside to play.

She liked the icicles that Papi let her take off the roof. Mom forgot to bring her gloves so she is wearing a pair of socks on her hands for mittens.

She wasn't crazy about the whole walking in snow part. (She is actually standing in a snow bank here)
Her favorite was of course Grandma's swing. Tears were shed when she was forced to come inside when her fingers were turning into Popsicles. The impromptu gloves didn't last too long.


Julia said...

Look how long her hair is getting.

It looks like you had a really wonderful Christmas! I wish I had been there!

The Wyler Family said...

fun update. i'm sorry you were sick over christmas. we had a horrible stomach flu the week before christmas. not fun. anyway, you guys look really good. i love the pics of bella and the family pic too.