Saturday, April 4, 2009

Funny Naked Monkey

I have been chastised for the month long gaps in my blogging. The days are galloping by with little distinction between one day to the next and one week to the next but I did want to share with the interested what is going on in our household.
Bella continues to be a funny, busy little kid. If possible she has become more agile and active than ever. She has learned to use things such as the laundry basket or Papi's lunch cooler as footstools to reach previously unreachable heights. Here is one of her most recent discoveries (the washing machine).

She has also figured out that she can climb out of her crib and so we have been forced to move her into a toddler bed a little earlier than we had planned. She can now open bedroom and bathroom doors often greeting Papi or me with a cheerful "hola" or "peek-a-boo" when we are in the shower. At night I am often woken by the sound of little hands fumbling with the doorknob and little feet scuttling across the floor, dragging her blanket behind her, till she can sneak into our bed to cuddle with Papi. The other day we went to wake her up from her afternoon nap and found the following scene:

Hence the naked part of the post. She finds it hilarious to jump out of the bathtub and streak into the living room wearing nothing but a smile. Last night she refused to leave her footy pajamas on and stripped off her diaper after I put her down to sleep, of course she woke up at 2 AM soaking wet and crying. I think it may be time to try potty training (most of the time she is stripping off her diaper it is because it is wet) but I don't think she has figured out she can do something to prevent walking around in a wet diaper. Since this is my first attempt at potty training any advice on how to get started would be appreciated.
In other news, for those who have not heard, we are expecting a new baby in the end of September. We are very excited by the prospect of another child but it has defiantly increased the stress level in the household. The Blue Prince is crushingly busy with work and school, extra jobs when he can get them and church callings. With this pregnancy my energy has plummeted and my nausea is just starting to recede to the point where I can enter in the kitchen let alone cook and clean there. The plague of colds and viruses have been cycling through the house with waves of ear infections, vomiting, eye infections and breathing issues leading to a miserable kid and parents. The weather has been cold, grey and snowy further discouraging the desire to emerge and be social. Um, so yeah we have been hibernating and will be very pleased with the real start of Spring and the uplift it brings.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! Though I think that in a few years your daughter might want to kill you for posting that picture of her online. Things like that really ought to be saved for embarrassing her in front of a new boyfriend.

Also, a creepy fetus widget might be appropriate.

Love you,

AJ said...

Her removing her diaper is what Sam did just before I potty trained him and that actually made it easier. My suggestion, pick a couple of days when you aren't going anywhere, get a timer and coloring books or books to read or whatever. Set a timer and have her sit on the toilet every 30 minutes or such. My friend swears you can do it in one day by just sitting them on the toilet pretty much all day with a DVD player and salty snacks and juice. I haven't tried, the idea of spending the day in my little bathroom didn't appeal to me. Good luck!

Brooke said...

My best advice for toilet training is: pray, and be patient. Just keep telling yourself that all children with normal faculties learn to toilet train. Eventually. (Jeffrey was two months away from his 4th birthday before he finally figured it out. I'm guessing that Bella, already aware of Wetness, will figure it out much faster.)