Tuesday, June 9, 2009

boring folk

People keep calling and asking what we have been up to and my answer recently has been "not much". Lots of work, a conference last week for me, and not much drama. The only recent crisis has been big medical problems and surgery with The Blue Prince's dad which have crystallized our plans and priorities to try and make a trip back down to Uruguay in November. I'm trying not to worry about the logistics of international travel with a 6 week old and a 2 1/2 year old yet, but it should be an adventure. At least the airline prices have come down somewhat, can you even make plane reservations for an unborn child?
Anyway, I also recently discovered that we have not downloaded any pictures from our camera since before Easter. Not that there were many pictures on the camera since we have chronically forgotten to bring it for most recent outings and get togethers. These are some pictures that I took yesterday and today of Bella and my garden. I am unnaturally obsessed/proud of my little garden boxes and due to a combination of warm weather, good planting soil and lots of rain everything is taking off amazingly. I am getting little tomatoes and squashes that I didn't get till the middle of summer last year. I also planted lettuce and spinach which has produced enough to keep us and all our neighbors in daily salads.

I am using a modified Square Foot Garden method and while it is somewhat hard to tell from this picture, I have Lettuce, peas, Swiss chard, 4 squash plants (Uruguayan Zapallitos), some cucumber seedlings and strawberries in this box. I already harvested a radish section, and replaced it with more Swiss chard.

In this box I have 5 different types of tomato plants, tarragon, oregano, 3 types of basil, 2 peppers, 1 onion, peas on the trellis, another squash (Zapallito), a couple cabbage plants that never formed heads and two cucumber plants hiding in the back.

This is a picture of Bella, that I took yesterday, she found some stickers and decided to decorate her face. It made me laugh.

Here is an updated picture of Bella in her lovely pink hat. She found it when we were shopping at old navy a couple weeks ago and papi and I couldn't say no. She has started into the phase of wanting to pick everything, especially what she wears. The only way I got her into pajamas last night was by letting her pick between the Tinkerbell shirt (the one with the small fairy on the front or the tiger shirt (it had stripes). I seem to have less fights if I let her pick dresses, hence the pink princess dress today. And so it starts, curse you Disney and your princess marketing skills.
As for the status of the unborn, it seems that according to the first ultrasound we are having another Girl. Everything appears to be moving along in a healthy normal manner and I am feeling fairly good. The feet swelling has started, which is somewhat concerning as it is only June. It is going to be a long summer.


The Wyler Family said...

love the pics. i'm so jealous of your garden. it looks great. way to go. congrats on the baby. i'm very excited for you guys.

Brooke said...

Let the gender socialization begin!! By the way, I'm in total awe of the garden. I've NEVER been able to get peas to grow more than 6" high before dying off.