Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baby News (just kidding)

I have been in close contact with many of my family members this week, often consisting of phone calls starting out : "Soooo, how are you doing, any baby news yet...." The answer is unfortunately no baby yet. Lots of contractions, lots of nesting, but no baby. I don't think I would be feeling so bitter except for the fact that almost every day this week on facebook every random "friend" of mine who had a due date after me is posting newborn picts. Grumble Grumble... oh well I guess it is just a sign I need to spend less time on the Internet and more time walking around or something. Since I don't have any big news to share I figured I would post some of the pictures I recently downloaded from our camera.

I like this last picture because it shows Bella's favorite outfit for summer. She strips down to her diaper and finds one or more of her dress-up skirts to put on over it. Generally she stays bare chested but will occasionally accessorize with a hat or one or more shoes (Or in this case bunny ears).


The Wyler Family said...

very cute pics! can't wait to see the new baby pics. :) good luck!

Julia said...

Wow, you have been pregnant FOREVER!

Just kidding. But I do want to see pics from your Uruguay trip. You are back home now, aren't you??