Monday, January 14, 2008

Tree adventures

Last Saturday my dad was in-town visiting and invited us all out to dinner (yummy Vietnamese at Mi La Cai, two thumbs up, thanks for the recommend Jules). When we arrived home there was a police car parked in front of our building, lights flashing and blocking our road. In general, never a good sign. When we got closer we found the source of the commotion. One of the large trees in front of our building had uprooted itself and fell across the driveway and into the street. The miraculous thing is that this driveway is usually full of cars but none of them happened to be there when the tree decided to give up the ghost. It completely missed the building and didn't leave a scratch on the nearby fence. All in all a very surreal experience but great in a way to see how all our neighbors pitched in to take care of it. My husband and dad were the first on the scene, using our saws all electric saw to cut branches to clear the road. A guy from the city came out to help clear the portion that was blocking the road. He had two gas chainsaws but couldn't keep either of them working more than a cut or two. Other neighbors soon showed up and by the next day it was all cut up and neatly stacked out of the way. (Anyone know someone looking for some free firewood?). The pictures don't really do the size of the tree or the mess of branches justice. We had news people from Channels 2 and 13 out taking video and I actually got interviewed by Fox 13. On the whole it was defiantly one of those count your many blessings evenings.

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