Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Open the Gates and Seize the Day

So browsing around the free library movies the other day I came across this little gem. I of course brought it home and forced my husband to watch it with me last night. Shockingly he wasn't as drawn in to it as I had been on my first viewing during my preteen years. (I guess I should be glad that he has no attraction to dancing and singing teenage boys) And yes I can still sing every word to all the songs. All the lyrics are still there swimming around with all those rusty Nintendo skills and plots from Judy Blume novels. Watching it again also brought back random flashbacks to skits acted out at my Jewish Day camp with me and my sisters wearing my dad's newsboy hats. (my dad has some great hats, a side effect of much travel and having a head that, to quote my dad, "burns under a refrigerator light"). So here's to Newsies!!!! Arise and seize the day, indeed.


Julia said...

I could sing along with it too... Worse, I actually have the soundtrack. Which, I got from Sam. So there. ;)

Let's go finish our scrabble game, shall we?

Brooke said...

Gah! Nooooooo!

Who in the world thought that "let's make a movie just like 'Annie' only with boys!" was a good idea?!?

Wasn't Newsies banned under the Geneva Convention?

Just teasing, of course. :-) Really, there's never a bad reason to watch a Christian Bale movie.