Monday, July 21, 2008

Gardening update

I bet you are all wondering how my garden is doing. It is doing fantastic thanks for asking. The only problem I am having is that my huge tomato plants keep getting flowers but they fall off and no fruit is being produced. Any master gardeners out there that have any ideas?

I picked my first Zapallo after several disagreements with the Blue Prince about when they are ripe and when they should be picked. Thanks to the wonder of the Internet I discovered that my lovely Uruguayan squash (zapallito de tronco) is actually both a summer and winter squash so you can pick it either early and use it like a zucchini or latter and let it harden and use it like a pumpkin or other hard squash. (So we were both right) The plant is huge and I have to cut it back frequently so it doesn't block our back gate. So enjoy the pics and thank you for humoring my new little obsession.

Mommy please let me out of my highchair and quit making me pose with squash.


K and M said...

"quit making me pose with squash" - that made me laugh outloud. That's hysterical!

If you do figure out your tomato issue, share with me, because I had a tomato plant last year that did the exact same thing! We assumed there was a lack of bees going from flower to flower and creating whatever was necessary for fruit to grow. So I played bee and used q-tips to transfer pollen from flower to flower. Still no luck. My two huge plants yielded a total of 3 tomatoes. Share any wisdom you find and maybe I'll think about trying again next year.

lizroxy said...

It seems that I finally have two small green tomatoes growing on one of the 6 plants. I'm not sure what kind of tomatoes I got but I hope it is just early in the season for this type.