Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloweenish type activities

We started our Halloween festivities a couple weeks early this year with a trip to Lagoon. My mom gave us some free tickets from her work at the beginning of the summer but there was always something going on that prevented us from going. Finally, knowing they were expiring the end of October, we decided to just pick-up and go on a Friday afternoon.

Bella seemed to enjoy all the rides and movement. She drove her boat all by herself and didn't even try to lean over and play in the water. There was of course a fit after each ride stopped as it blew her little 20 month old mind that we would put her in a toy to play for 2-3 minutes only to tear her away when she was just getting the hang of it.

She clambered all over her train seat and tried to climb into the ones in front of us. Did I mention she answers better to the name "Monkey" than her own.

Here are Mommy and Bella bugs. Buggy is another of her nicknames, given by a doctor in the ER during our first visit when he mentioned that she was such a "happy and active little bug" in spite of being covered as she was in full body hives.

The Blue Prince hanging out in his shackles. He keeps complaining that living here (or my cooking) is making him fat. We keep reassuring him that he is fine but I think I will make a copy of this as photographic proof the next time he brings up the subject. :)

For her actual Halloween costume Bella was dressed as a Fairy princess/Butterfly. Mostly butterfly as she refused to keep the princess crown on her head longer than 3 seconds. She thought it was a game and would joyfully pull it off and try to put it on my head or on Papi's. She is pictured here with Aunt Emily who is of course dressed as Sarah Palin. I think she pulled it off quite well.

Here is the back view of Bella's Costume. She tolerated the wings well but didn't really understand that they stuck out farther than her body and so they would occasionally get mangled or knock things over when Bella tried to squeeze into small spaces.

She learned to say the phrase "trick or treat" quite clearly and would say it all the way up to the doorway, she would give a little knock on the door, and then would go suddenly silent the moment someone answered. She really liked her "Pumpkin" or "Box" as she calls it. She became quite adept at picking out her treat and putting it inside the hole. We stopped by my grandmother's house to show her off and of course she got several pieces of candy for her box. While we were chatting in the next room she snuck off and figured out where Grandma had stashed the candy bowl and helped herself to a couple more pieces before she got caught.

I guess that's what Halloween is all about, to see how much candy loot you can collect before some responsible adult puts a kibosh on all the fun.


Anonymous said...

Love it! She looked darling. Please tell me you have more pictures of Emmy as Palin and that she spent the night telling you about how the v.p gets to run the senate?

Julia said...

I need more pictures of my niece. :)

Unknown said...

Sounds like Halloween was just too much fun. I never stopped to think what a young child thinks when you put them on and then take them off again. That's an interesting thought.

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Merry Christmas!