Sunday, November 2, 2008

Videos, get your videos here

I have stored up several videos from the last month or so and decided to put them all out for your viewing pleasure at once.

This first one is from our San Diego trip, playing on the beach with Papi. Sorry about the dizzying camera action half way through. The incoming wave was soaking me as I was recording.

This one is a video I affectionately call "Ping". It's for all those individuals who love baby laughter. No one can make Bella laugh like her papi.

This is a video I took a couple weeks ago when Bella was helping me harvest the green tomatoes from our tomato plants. Apparently she found a little green hard tomato and decided that it was a ball. She spent the next half an hour playing catch with herself, throwing the "tomato ball" across the courtyard and chasing after it. What can I say, the kid needs more playmates.

Bella is fascinated with animals and animal sounds recently. When aunt Caitie was here for a visit she found several leaves outside and decided to fashion wings. Here is Bella's birdy impression.

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