Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Found in Uruguay

This is likely to be a semi-short post but I did want to put up some pictures and let everyone know we are home safely from our South American Adventure. We had a great trip, with many ups and downs which I may or may not get into later... but anyway here are a couple of lovely finds:

My baby's Curls:

We have always taken it as a genetic destiny that this child would have curly hair but apparently Bella's curls only appear in the presence of humidity. Or maybe it's a genetic switch that's only flipped on when she touches Uruguayan soil. Anyway, they were lovely and I am missing them already.

The Origin of the Blue Prince's Nose:

This is my husband's paternal Grandmother posing first with Bella and afterwards with my husband, and Bella's cousin Francisco. (I think the cousins definatly look alike). She is a fantastic woman and she got so exited to see us, though she kept exclaiming about how fat I had gotten and kept asking me what I had eaten to get so fat. It was so funny and hard to get offended when she said it with such love and humor as she was giving me hugs.


Standing next to me in the orange shirt is a young woman named Carolina. When I was serving as a missionary I taught her the gospel. She was 14 years old at the time. It was such a lovely surprise to visit my husbands home ward and to find her there actively participating in the ward. She is now married and has a daughter of her own (way to make me feel old) and she and her husband are making plans to be sealed in the temple soon.

One of the most beautiful views in the world:

This was the view from our hotel room in Piriapolis and it wasn't even a particularly well or specially situated room. This is the view you get from most of the town, beautiful sea views bumping up to lovely green hills and mountains in the background. My husband teases me about how much I like this place. I admit it is an ongoing fantasy of mine to one day buy a house or build on a plot of land in this area. Maybe one day...

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Brooke said...

Piriapolis is GORGEOUS. So jealous about your trip! Did Bella handle the airplane ride ok? (read: did YOU handle taking a baby on an airplane ok?)