Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Casa Pueblo

I realize that I haven't posted many pictures of our Uruguay trip and in looking through them I came across our photos of a little side trip we took to Casa Pueblo, the workshop/home/museum of Carlos Paez Villaro.

Carlos Villaro is a world renowned Uruguayan artist primarily known for his public mural work in many countries. He is probably in his 80's now and has an incredibly long career as a painter, sculptor, architect and a Ceramic artist. His work is influenced by the art of Picasso and in his world travels he worked for a time with Picasso. Another factoid: Carlos's son was one of the Uruguayan rugby players that survived the plane crash in the Andes that the movie Alive was based on.

The home at Casa Pueblo is an amazing work of art and architecture perched on a cliff overlooking the ocean. The views are incredible. We found out later that a portion of the complex is actually hotel now as well. Next time we go to Uruguay we will have to find out the cost, it may be worth the splurge to stay in such a beautiful setting.

While at the museum I purchased a book that contains some of the colorful animal prints that Carlos has done through the years. Someday when I get organized I hope to frame some and put them up in Bella's room as a happy, colorful addition. My Dad and Kathy having more resources than us decided to purchase a numbered print of one of the artist's paintings of the house at Casa Pueblo. They were in the gift shop debating over two, one signed but with a slight rip and the other unsigned. When the worker at the gift-shop sensed that it was important to them to have a signed print, she asked for them to write down their names and wait for her to go into the workshop area for a moment. She returned a few minutes latter with the numbered print that they wanted signed with a personal inscription from the artist. Apparently Casa Pueblo is still Carlos's working studio and he just happened to be in residence that day and willingly took a moment to sign the print. The cynical possibility is that the gift-shop worker just took it in the back and signed it herself to make a sell but we prefer to believe the first option. Either way it makes for a good story.

Anyway here are some of the other pictures we took of our little group at Casa Pueblo. If you want to see the rest of our Uruguay pictures I have downloaded them to my Flickr account and you can see them by clicking the link on the left of this page. My step-mom Kathy should have some great pictures as well but we have yet to see those (hint, hint). Enjoy:


The Wyler Family said...

i love those pics. i've always wanted to go there. someday...

Brooke said...

Wow. I envy those cloud-free skies. What an awesome house!

katty said...

are you people still around there? I just came across your blog and wanted to point out that Páez Vilaró not only lived there but sometimes he even tours the visitors himself! Btw, I am Uruguayan too. Still living here, never been out, actually. I've started reading your posts and it is interesting to see our culture through your eyes. I have many American friends who have visited and we've talked a lot about what they experienced, but being you married to an Uruguayan makes it more interesting