Thursday, April 24, 2008

Picture updates

On a lighter note and for the real reason most people follow this blog.... Bella Pictures and Updates:

The Blue Prince has been installing sprinklers at our condo complex. Bella has been helping in her usual way of digging in the dirt, testing it's edibility and pulling tools and parts out of Papi's tool bag and bucket.

Here is a close-up of the two worker bees and yes that is dirt around her mouth. (I love this picture of my husband, he is such a sweetheart)

Last night Bella discovered that she could climb into her toy basket and here is her showing off the skill this morning. Now she pulls half of the toys out, climbs in, pulls a book off the shelf and proceeds to read it. (I know Dad, Mr. "I used to sleep with books under my pillow", you are so proud)

Oh, and this post is dedicated to my loving sister Emily who likes to mock me for having a blog and joining the "trendy mommy blogging set". Because as she puts it "you get married, you have a baby and automatically you must start a blog"

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Julia said...

Or you just have a very fine example set by your very single friend who prodded and teased everybody else into making a blog so she's have something to read. :)