Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Visiting Bubie Ishi

This weekend we decided to take the long car trek to Las Vegas to visit family, primarily my second mom Ishi and sisters Ariana and Shoshana (who flew in special for the weekend). Considering that it is a 6 hour drive there and back, Bella did great in her new front facing car seat.

Ishi generally spoiled us rotten and took us to the new Springs Preserve which was awesome. It is a group of museums, gardens and children's play areas that focus on the history and landscape of the area around Las Vegas. Considering that we were a group made up of 5 adults, a 16 year-old and a 1 year old and that we all had a fantastic time playing with the displays shows how well this place was thought out. Anyway, enjoy the pictures.
Aunt Shoshana showing off her excellent hand excavator skills.
The blue prince digging for fossils. Was overheard to be saying "Grandpa, Grandpa, where are you?"
Aunt Ariana teaching Bella how to play video games.
Bella riding Tita the Turtle
Me and the Blue Prince playing with the turtle shells.
"I know the Indian hut is cool but are you done taking pictures yet?"

Living the dream of being garbage men.

Casey and Blue Prince having scaled the mighty mastodon skeleton.

Water and Sand play, what could be better

Waiting for the flash flood.

This is the only picture I got of Ishi and I had to take it when she wasn't looking.

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The Wyler Family said...

looks like a neat place. i've seen it on the drive from provo to mesa, but i've never stopped. we'll have to check it out sometime.