Thursday, September 25, 2008

One month catch up

So as my friends and family are wont to point out, it has been over a month since I updated my blog... No real excuses, I've thought of several blog topics but none of them have really panned out so instead you get a travel-log with many pictures.

My garden:
Still doing well, we have a ton of tomatoes that are slowly turning red at the rate of about 3-4 a week. My dad and Kathy came to visit a couple of weekends back and we turned some of my 2 foot basil plants into fantastic pesto. I loved these pictures of Bella with the cucumber right out of the garden. She ended up eating it down to a nub. Pickles were her first food as they calmed her when she was first teething. I guess the food preference stuck. (insert weened on a pickle joke here :))

Hill Air Force Base Museum:
Since he arrived in Utah three years ago, every time we drove north to Brigham City the Blue Prince would look longingly at the Hill AFB aerospace museum. Finally this month his dream became reality. So many airplanes, so little time.

Notice Bella standing up in the stroller in protest of being strapped down. She figured out how to walk anyway.

Peach Days:
We made it up to my mom's for the yearly pilgrimage back to Brigham City for Peach days. Everyone enjoyed the parade and Bella enjoyed getting all spoiled and sugared up by her grandma and aunt.

Notice the sucker and the hair bows. A prime example of what happens when we visit Grandma (she pitches a fit every time I try to touch her hair)

Mill Creek Canyon:
We took advantage of a beautiful fall evening to go up the canyon with some friends a couple Monday's back. We lit a fire with much lighter fluid and the blue prince's welding torch. Due to the Uruguay/Argentine contingent, dinner was of course grilled meat followed by rounds of Mate by the fire. One of the most pleasant evenings we have had in a long time. Pictured are a side view of Ariel playing with the fire, a decent family shot, and a good picture of Andrea and little Ada.

Watching Ella:
Ella is the youngest daughter of my dear friends Brandon and Kelly. She is about six months younger than Bella and she has been coming over to play every Tuesday afternoon while her mom is teaching a class. The two girls play quite nicely together in a toddler, parallel play kind of way. I have known Brandon for over 11 years now, and the other day we were commenting on how bizarre it is to see our children playing together.

Memory Grove:
Last Friday we decided to explore sites around Salt Lake that we had never visited and ended up at Memory Grove. Considering we lived a time in a nearby neighborhood, this was a glaring oversight. The park was beautiful and made for a lovely hike.

Following the hike we were resting on a bench and Bella decided to explore my diaper bag. She pulled out a swim diaper, and the changing pad and proceeded to see how many ways she could put on the diaper. After several minutes of sticking her arms through the holes she lighted on the next logical challenge: balancing the diaper on her head.

Notice the intense look of concentration.

Anyway, along with a memorable trip to the state fair (that included a Virgin of Guadalupe hat, many animals to pet and a new horsey toy) you are basically caught up on our month. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.


Gaviota said...

¡Fant├ístico! ¿Estaba rico el asado?

The Wyler Family said...

love the update. so fun to look at all the pics.