Thursday, November 1, 2007


So here is Princess Bella in her Halloween costume,

The pink leopard costume was a big hit and knowing her personality a perfect fit.

No Prissy or Passive sheep or pumpkin costume for her.

Here are myself and my Dear Husband holding Miss Princess

Both the rabbit ears and the devil horns lit up, they were very cool.

Anyway I just wanted to post some quick pictures, more to come latter.


K and M said...

Yeah! Liz has a blog! :) I'm excited to read more. Does Lauren, um...Princess Bella, have a cast on in this picture? Part of the costume, I hope.

Julia said...

That is so adorable!

I love that you have joined the blogging world! Welcome to the insanity!

lizroxy said...

No, no cast, it is just a white long sleaved onesie on under her costume. The joys of Halloween in Utah, trying to plan a costume that will not be ruined by the weather clothing requirements.