Thursday, November 1, 2007

Weird Dream

So last night I had a very strange dream: I was dreaming about finding the blog of a girl living in Maldonado Uruguay. The thing is that she was an American and LDS and she was there living as an Expat off money she received from Social Security Disability for reactive airway disease. The dream must have gone on for quite some time because I remember her writing about several different getting adjusted type adventures but the funny part is how your brain gathers all the different parts of what happened and what you think about during the day and tries to make sense of it in a narrative form. It's like my brain said: "well you have been thinking about writing a blog, and you have been reading several expat blogs from the Uruguay coast, how bout we mix in a patient you have living off Social Security Disability payments and oh yeah, you spoke with a couple of your sisters today, so lets turn on the mental blender and see what floats up".

1 comment:

Gaviota said...

JA JA JA... Sueño extraño indeed, pero aun mas extraño la combinación de la realidad que te llevo a soñar eso.