Friday, November 16, 2007

California Dreaming

So last weekend we decided it was high time to visit the aunties in San Diego and since our credit card was nice enough to cash in our points for a plane ticket, off we went. We arrived early Friday morning with just enough time to say hello and introduce the baby to Bubie Joanie at the airport as she was leaving that day to visit family in Colorado.
A wonderful time was had by all. We ate dinner at Little Italy, walked along the port and saw cool ships, hung out at the beach on Coronado island and visited Bilbao Park. Blue Prince had never seen the Pacific ocean and neither had Bella and both enjoyed it immensely. Bella was a little angry at first that she couldn't eat the sand (she burst into tears at her first mouthful) but soon got into the grove and loved crawling around. Now if only I could teach her not to eat leaves.


Julia said...

Bella looks like she's especially enjoying getting out of the winter clothing!

So much fun! So when is the fam going to come visit the "auntie" in Wisconsin?

lizroxy said...

It is definately on our to-do list. I would love to see Chicago and Wisconsin as well. Love you sweetie,