Monday, December 3, 2007

Thanksgiving Adventures

For Thanksgiving this year we decided to head down south and visit my Grandma and Grandpa Leavitt in Leeds (Utah not England, though that would have been cool too, though not very Thanksgivingish). The push and pull of who we are going to spend each holiday with is always interesting, made even more so by the fact that it is all within my own side of the family. One of the unforeseen perks of international marriage has been that his side doesn't even get added into the equation as an option, and while on one hand it's sad on the other it makes things less complicated. I figure if we ever do make plans to visit his family in Uruguay for a holiday, my family will be automatically swayed by the logic that it is their turn and there will be no argument (not that the Uruguay contingent will ever be clamoring for equal Thanksgiving time, but anyway....). So, Thanksgiving with the Leavitt Clan was delightful as always. Lots of food, and 3 separate and meticuliously scheduled desert courses rounded out the evening. They were each timed about an hour and a half apart to take full advantage of food settling. I got to watch my dad and uncle eat an entire banana cream pie by themselves.
The only downside to the evening was a fall that my Grandma had by slipping on the tile floor and hitting her head on a stool. She got up and said she was fine but the next morning she was horribly dizzy. Only the next day did I think to ask Grandma if she was on any blood thinning meds. "Only Coumadin" was her nonchalant reply. That's about the point when I started twitching internally and begged my dear grandmother to go to the hospital for a brain scan or at the very least call the doc on call at her doctors office. She, disliking doctors and hospitals as a general rule, decided that going to the ER would be too much of a hassle, so after formally registering my opinion I had to let it go. When I spoke to her latter she said that she had taken a nap and was feeling much better, but urrrggg that woman is stubborn. Well at least now I have a new example to share at work of what not to do when you have a fall while anticoagulated. I love how I can spend all day with Seniors at work telling them about fall risks and how to keep safe but any of that same advice with my family is completely ignored.

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