Sunday, December 16, 2007

public service announcement

The blessed replacement shower handle.
Bella modeling the blessed replacement shower handle.

Yeah!!! our replacement shower faucet handle finally arrived. You may not think this is such a big deal but unfortunatly it became quite an ordeal. We got this faucet as a Christmas gift last year from my father, it's a really nice bamboo pattern and quite distinctive. We got it from Home Depot which was probably our first mistake. When the handle broke the first part of November, I thought, "no big deal we can just go back to Home Depot and get a replacement part". Thus began my odyssey through Home Depot's customer service inferno. Our faucet was sold under the Home Depot brand Pegasus, which come to find out is actually a fake brand that Home Depot uses to sell faucets from 20+ different manufacturers from around the world. And as the Home Depot itself only keeps specific faucets on hand for 6 months tops, they are compleatly clueless as to how to help if something goes wrong in spite of the fact that the faucet comes with a lifetime warranty. The sad part is that even Home Depots own customer service people were clueless as to the fact that several manufacturers made this brand of faucets and they had me calling around all kinds of places until one of my e-mails finally made it to the desk of someone who had the tracking database that could look up faucets by model number to direct me to the right place. Luckily when I did finally get ahold of the manufacturer they agreed to send the replacement handle free of charge, I only had to call and have it re-shipped once. So the moral of the story, if you buy something at Home Depot keep all your packaging materials so you can bypass their "Customer Service" and talk directly to the manufacturer.

It is so nice having a fully functional shower again in our only bathroom.

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