Tuesday, June 3, 2008

James's Wedding

So last weekend we took the trek down to Las Vegas for my older brother's wedding. It was an eclectic bunch. My brother's new wife is Russian and that was the predominant theme in the food and beverages (Vodka anyone). Our family is conservative LDS and my brother and his friends are a Bohemian conglomeration of people he has met while living in Washington, Las Vegas and Chicago. His Best Man was dressed as a pirate. All went well everyone got along swimmingly. Here are some lovely pictures of the event. Enjoy!!

James, The Pirate Best man Jinks, and even odder my Dad without a Beard!! I was doing double takes all weekend.

The Beautiful Bride Nelly and her dad Nikolay. He is an incredible artist.

It was very cold and snowy for part of the day. Hence the blankets being passed about for the ceremony. My dad says no more May weddings at Mt. Charleston, but it was Memorial day weekend for heaven sakes. This is a picture of my mom's friend Danielle and a friend of my mom's from High School, Ann. (She wins the award for the most random person to show up considering she traveled from Utah just for the wedding. She hasn't even seen James for over 10 years. Maybe she just wanted to have an excuse to go to Vegas. The more the merrier).

Blue Prince, Myself, Bella, Emily, James (the dashing groom), Caitlin, Grandma Simper and my mom.

Me and my sibs, just missing Sho who decided to ditch us for a study abroad opportunity in Prague. Looser (just kidding sissy, we love you). I love that James is doing a Jig.

Our Beautiful little family. Bella was a hit and did well though we had to take a little brake in the middle as she was getting a bit overwhelmed by all the love. She was the only little person in attendance. Oh the pain of being the first grandchild.


Julia said...


I didn't recognize him at all. Whoa.

Did the pirate wear an eyepatch? I cant make that out.

I love your family.

lizroxy said...

No, there was no eye patch but he did braid his beard.

K and M said...

That looks like such a fun wedding! A pirate best man with a braided beard. Definitely unique. Not what you expect from a Mormon wedding, that's for sure. And can I just say, Grandma Simper is my idol - may I look half that good when I grow older. Final question - who is the hottie in the blue shirt with the older man in your flicker picture set?

The Wyler Family said...

wow, my wedding wasn't nearly as colorful. :) i'm glad you guys had a nice trip. it's always fun to be with family.

lizroxy said...

Grandma Simper is my idol for many reasons. And she does look amazing. The guy in the blue shirt is my cousin Van.