Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tempting offers

So I got this e-mail from my dear Ishi the other day and thought it was funny enough to share.:

"Believe it or not - I read your blog - So I have mapped out your future - Move to Las Vegas and get your PhD. Bev and I help you with Bella. You could work part time with Kathleen at the PG's office or for Jared in his private fiduciary practice. And boy, do I know plumbers!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxox"

Very,Very tempting. Excellent childcare, and good jobs for both me and the Prince. Bev has worked with Ishi since my youngest sister was born, and watched over us in the summers. She is practically one of our large mixed up family now. This is the only picture I could find in my online collection where she appears, which is a shame since she is not showing her fantastic smile :).

(Bev, Joanie, Ishi, Myself and the Blue Prince, Sho and Ariana)

As tempting as the offer is, unfortunately we will have to decline for the time being, at least for the next two years until the Blue Prince finishes his schooling to get his plumbing licence. We have actually been thinking what we want to do at that point and moving to Las Vegas is one of the options being considered (among others) but it is still very up in the air. (I tried to convince the Blue Prince we should live a year in Uruguay at some point but he's not convinced, I guess my villa in Piriapolis will have to wait).
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