Sunday, June 29, 2008

Liberty Park

One of the benefits of city living is our proximity to a lot of fun things, principal among these in my book is Liberty Park and in the summer the Seven Canyons fountain. Since we have no yard of our own we end up at the park at least twice a week. So anyway, here is a flavor of one of our favorite summer activities.

The fountain is a representation of the rivers and canyons that surround Salt Lake City and the water runs down the creeks and into a pool that represents The Great Salt Lake. Unlike other purely ornamental fountains, wading and playing in the water is actively encouraged.

These pictures were taken about a week ago when we went together as a family after the Blue Prince got home from work.

The Blue Prince had his hands full while wading through the bigger lake pool. Bella chose that moment to grab on his leg and knock him off balance. I of course took the picture instead of helping him out. (he didn't actually end up falling in)

Liberty park is also home to a large duck pond which is feeding Bella's current obsession with ducks. Here is a couple videos of her chasing after a flock. She got quite put out when they ran into the water and we wouldn't let her follow them in.


The Wyler Family said...

that looks like a great park! i've never heard of it before. is it new?

Gaviota said...

¡Che! Gracias por comentar en mi blog. No estoy segura de que recuerdes exactamente quien soy. Al fin y al cabo apenas nos vimos un par de veces. Pero todavia tengo ese Libro de Mormón en inglés que me dedicaste y regalaste.